Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring Brings Refreshing

It happens every spring. In Alaska our snow starts to melt, and we discover all kinds of things left, lost, and buried in different layers from the winter snow storms. I feel this is the same thing that happens to myself as a teacher as we approach spring.

I begin to wrap up projects, self-assess on a larger scale, reflect upon the year and different events. Like items lost in the snow, I discover different projects or ideas started and forgotten, some probably a good idea that they were forgotten and some will be put on the slow cooker for next year.

Blogging Buddies LogoMy poor, little blog is one of them. Every year, I dig it back out and tell myself I will return to blogging to share some of the materials, activities, ideas that I always have stewing. This year, I came across a lovely post from ISTE community to join Blogging Buddies. Timing was perfect! I have been clamoring all year (many referenced sticky notes and conversations) about the need for constant refresh from a PLN, but a gentle nudge to get back to my blog and share, in hopes of refining ideas of how to be a better EdTech Coach, and not feeling that sense of being "alone" or stifled without outside invigoration (you know, like when the snow is warmed by the sun, and reveals that hidden treasure!)

So, I was so excited when I discovered that I was part of a wonderful group that is stretched across the U.S., literally!

Meet my blogging buddies:
Jessica Mercado from Georgia 
Mike Phillips from Michigan
Sydney Musslewhite from Texas
Bonnie Birdsall from Vermont

So, here is to the start of another wonderful tech adventure!


  1. Your post is inspiring me. Well written and honest. Thanks for the shout-out! I look forward to connecting and learning with you.

  2. Hi Chris, so glad to have you joining us for Blogging Buddies! Looking forward to learning with you!

  3. Blogging has not been a natural experience for me... yet. I'm looking forward to testing the blogging waters and seeing what I can accomplish. Each of our group blog pages are so unique. I'm enjoying reading and exploring your site Chris!