Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Online Lessons for Media Literacy

This year we have been focusing on creating content for our online participants. The idea behind this was for our participants to be access lessons, materials and resources anytime, anywhere. So as a result, we created a series of interactive online lessons for teachers to use to train themselves to integrate Media Literacy into their classrooms, while creating powerful media within their content area.
So where can you get these online lessons? Two different locations of course. For those that are Facebook users, you can access them on our Facebook Group, or through our Facebook page.
For those that do not have access to Facebook, check out the links on the Our Reality page.
Whether you access them on the Our Reality page or the Facebook page though, both will provide you a community-base through Our Reality Forum or Facebook forum to ask more questions, participate in on going discussions about Media Literacy and the creation of powerful media messages.

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