Sunday, May 8, 2011

be Wrong and Learn

Catching up on my Ted Talks, led me to this excellent Ted Talks worth watching and thinking about in terms of being an Ed Tech teacher: Kathyrn Schulz: On Being Wrong
I remember having a math teacher who would express to me, over and over, that it is ok to come up with a different way to do a math problem to get to the same answer. This is the beauty of learning and education. Learning different perspectives or ways of learning is what makes us human. Kathryn Shulz, states “The miracle of our mind is seeing the world as it isn’t.”
In educational technology, we should open our minds to the concept that “maybe I am wrong” as we approach teaching our students with technology. Allowing students to be as equal willing learners when using technology creates a classroom of cohesion, or a learning community. One in which we can endeavor to share ideas and understanding despite cultural or societal differences.
So why not ask our selves, what wrong perspective do we have about our students? What if we held a different perspective?
“I err therefore I am.”

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