Monday, March 31, 2008

Beyond Annoying Pop-up Ads, Dancing Girls

It caught my eye, yesterday when I was reading some articles on CNN. But when it was mentioned again to me by my husband, I had to ask, ok, what is up with this?
He pointed out that we were not the only ones asking the questions, who would invest in a mortgage right now, after looking at a dancing girl banner ad. The undulating bodies always disappoints me as I think about another ad being sold with sex. Yet, it grabbed my attention, which is exactly what an ad wants to do.
Further investigation turned up a  blog article by Workbench, "Dancing Mortgage People Ate My Brain." Apparently, this has been an ongoing trend and very affective. New York times tracked down the ad creator.  It seems that the company that uses these ads have made because "the credit agency Experian bought the eight-year-old company for $400 million in 2005."  Furthermore, Brad Stone from the New York times article stated, "Mr. Coffin said that the company closely tracks the performance of its ads, removing the ones that do not attract clicks, and that the banners are highly effective at getting Internet users to fill out loan applications. “If you keep seeing the same ads, that means they are working."
So though this not a new marketing advertising method, it is still a method that is used today, and works rather well.
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