Sunday, October 13, 2013

iOs 7 Tips

One of the things we have learned in managing the 1-to-1 is sometimes it is better ot move towards an update rather than avoid it. Here is an article that is posted in our ITTunes about ios7

Tips and Tricks for iOS7
So what is new about iOS 7 besides the way it looks? Change can be hard, but you may find that you like the new features once you give them a try. Lets start with the biggest changes, which include the missing search screen and how to now close apps. 
Upon updating to iOS 7 you may panic because of these missing features, but do not worry they are both still available. To reach the search dock, you must now drag your finger from the center of the home screen down and the search drawer will drop down. If you would like to close an app, you double click the home button and swipe up on the app to close it.
Smaller additional changes include the fact that folders are now expandable and can contain many apps. You must scroll from right to left to reach the additional apps in the folder. This also means you cannot see all the apps that are in the folder on initial view. So if you are wondering where some of your apps disappeared to, remember to swipe right to left in folders.
There are other features that you may notice as well, such as a blue dot next to some of the apps. These are apps that have been recently updated oris a recently downloaded app that has not been opened. In addition, two oval-pill like shapes appear on the lock screen, the top one accesses calendar events and weather, while the bottom one accesses control panels.  You can also control whether you see these by changing them in settings.
Next up, turning a text message or email into a contact. You will notice a new little “i” next to email addresses and text message’s when you click them to open. This pulls up a setting to allow you to add the person into your contacts.
Finally you may also notice a significant decrease in battery life. This is because there is a new feature in the settings under general called “background app refresh.” This allows for the constant update of apps, at the expense of your battery. Other tips for saving battery life include turning off Bluetooth if you do not need it, and closing down apps that you are not using.
Last but not least, App store now allows you to add apps to a wishlist. So once you come across an app that you have to have but want to wait to purchase it with your birthday money, simply open the app and click the box with the arrow in the right hand corner, and select add to wish list.
Though these are only a few of the new features, I am sure you will find many new interesting changes as Apple continues to update iOS7. 

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