Monday, November 24, 2014

Favorite World Language Apps

These are some of the iPad apps I like to use for working with world language teachers.

Apps are described in order from left to right, top to bottom. 

Duolingo:  An app that allows you to choose a language and practice 5-25 minutes a day on vocabulary and sentences. The app is free without Ads. This app is good for regular practice or for a fun general placement test. 

Educreations provides you with a whiteboard, drawing tools, and a way to add pictures. This could be used for students explaining how to conjugate verbs or who to translate a sentence into Spanish. 

Glogster is an interactive poster creation app. This could be used for students to collect and display a variety of vocabulary for food or animals and then embed audio/video clips of the pronunciation of the animals along with the word in Spanish and a picture of the animal. 

Quizlet is a vocal practice app. It provides a variety of already remade cards created by other users and students can practice vocabulary, sentences by flipping cards or playing games. 

Rosetta Stone is a paid for app, though many of the initial lessons are free. It provides practice on speaking, listening, and writing with your choice of languages. 

Babbel: Like Rosetta Stone and Duolingo, this app provides you with daily practice on vocabulary and sentences. 

Mindsnacks Spanish: Not my favorite app, but for a nice break, use this app to play games while practicing vocabulary. 

PuppetPals: Students can create puppet shows in Spanish or French. Students choose a background, choose a character, and with their script that they have written they speak and move their puppet around the screen. 

Subtext: Allows teachers and students to share a piece of text in any language and mark it up, or answer questions (formative assessments) or comment to one another about sections of the text. 

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