Thursday, October 1, 2015

Technology Tips for October 2015

Canvas Tip
Did you know you can do Peer Reviews in Canvas? When creating and editing an assignment, scroll down and select the box to Require Peer Reviews. You will then be given the option to manually or automatically assign peer reviews, or even assign anonymously.  Learn more about peer review here:

Did you know you can create an assignment on the Calendar and them move it to another day? Click on the calendar on the left navigation bar. Double click any day on the calendar and a window will pop up to add an event or assignment. Choose the assignment tab,,write the assignment title, and add more options if needed and then submit. If you need to move it to another day just click and drag to another day, it will automatically change it in modules and assignments. Learn more about Canvas Calendar here:

Email Technology Tip
Need to Create an Email Group in Outlook:  Open your email in a web browser (ex: Firefox, Safari) and then click on People at the top right. Now click on +New in the top left of the window and Choose Create a Group. Give the group a name, and type the Name of the persons you want to add in the Members box below. When done, click save at the top. Now compose a new email with the name of the group and it will be sent to everyone in the group. To do the same in the Outlook App, Go to File, Select New, Choose Contact Group and add contacts. (If your contact groups is greyed out, go to Outlook at the top, choose Preferences, Choose General, and uncheck “Hide On My Computer Folders.”

Need to Create a New Folder to Organize your Email in Outlook: If you are accessing your email in a Web Browser (Firefox, Chrome), open you email. On the left navigation bar right click on your name (For Mac hold down the control key and click on your name). Choose  Create a new Folder in. Give it a name and start sorting your email. To do the same in Outlook App, right click (Control-Click) on the Inbox Folder in the left navigation bar, choose New Folder. Follow the link for a how-to:

Need to add A Signature in your Outlook Email:
Open your email in a web browser (Ex: Chrome, Safari) go to the Gear in the top right corner next to your name and choose options in the drop down menu. In the Navigation on the right choose Settings and add your signature in the box.

Browser Technology Tip:
Want to have multiple tabs open when you open your browser? If you would like to have a tab open automtaically for your email, one for PowerTeacher, and one for Canvas when you open your browser, follow these instructions:

Is your Computer Running Slow?
Start by shutting down and restarting your computer daily. Clear your desktop of files, folders and programs. Store them in your Documents folder (and even better back them up to the cloud). If you have a large iTunes or Photo Library, consider backing it up and slimming it down. 
Shut down apps you are not using. To do this, click and hold on the app in the Dock and select quit from the pop up menu. Just closing the window of an application DOES NOT close down a program. You must go to File > Quit in the top bar or quit from the dock.
Use your Activity Monitor on a Mac (For Windows Choose Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Resource Monitor). Close down applications that are using up CPU. Also use the First Aid in  Disk Utility tool on Mac to Verify and Repair a disk. On windows use Disk Defragmenter. Finally run updates when your computer requests an update.

Technology Lesson Ideas:
History/ Art/ Foreign Language:
Google Cultural Institute: Research a Topic Idea and Collect Images to tell a story and present to the class. (Convert to Spanish and have students tour each others Locations by adding to a Google Spreadsheet. Embed it into Canvas)

Spark 101 provides STEM-based Video case-studies for students to investigate, learn and solve. A fantastic resource for problem solving in science or math.

Physics/ Science/ STEM:
Curiosity Machine is a fantastic interactive site that has students follow the design process with actual hands-on projects:  Inspiration, Plan, Build, Test, Resign, and Reflect.

Create a Disease Map:

History/Social Studies/ELA:
Create an interactive multi-media rich timeline with your students. Use Timeline JS and Google Sheets to create a class timeline:

Formative Assessment:
Needs a fun and interactive way to check understanding. Try Kahoot! Much like a clicker game, Kahoot allows you to give students questions planned or on the fly and then they can use whatever device is available (phones, iPads, computers) to answer.

Science/ Health:
Biodigital Human: This app for your iPad is packed full of 3D human anatomy models and health conditions, comprehensive with ways to draw on the 3D models, dissect them  and take a quiz on them.

All Subjects: Create A Stapeless Book:
"The Stapleless Book is designed to allow users to create with ease an eight-page book simply by folding and cutting. No tape or staples are required. Students and teachers alike can use the Stapleless Book for taking notes while reading, making picture books, collecting facts, or creating vocabulary booklets. Students can choose from seven different layouts for the pages of their books.”

Write music in Google Docs, collaborate and share with this plugin:

Social Studies/ History: Historical Scene Investigation Students use historical primary documents to solve an investigation.

Math: Use Educreations to create Quadratic Equation puzzles that students can record themselves verbally explaining and showing how they solve.

Multi-Media Video Project:
Vimeo Weekend Project Story Telling: 5 x 5 Video A 5x5 is a classic Vimeo video project. It's a 25-second video composed of five 5-second clips, using only natural sound.

Cool Video for the Week:

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