Thursday, December 31, 2015

Interactive Videoconference Student Traits Rubric and Checklist

A teacher requested that I put together a rubric that her students could use to grow the characteristics and traits for being a strong distance delivery student in an Interactive Videoconference Class. This is the first version of the rubric and checklist.

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  1. Fabulous idea and a great rubric! I really like your choice of labels for the different scores. This may be a personal preference, but I prefer to have the most Advanced skills all the way to the right of the rubric. This follows our natural reading habit of going from left to right, and to me it shows the gradual growth. I know some prefer to have Advanced be the first category so they can immediately see where the column for which they will ultimately strive. However, I think it's less intimidating for kids to be able to start reading the easiest category and strive to reach the Advanced. You've done a fantastic job of showing incremental development in the 4 categories! Having the 4 categories allows students to feel like the next category up is achievable. I wonder about some wording in the Emerging category. For instance, I would prefer to use "Does not demonstrate" instead of "Does not understand" in the Etiquette category. Using observable language prevents argument. Also, I would probably replace "Refuses" with "Does not", for the same reason. The checklist of skills at the end is extremely helpful! I'm excited about your work!