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Email Protocols

Email Protocols

Summary of Advantages and Disadvantages

The main differences between IMAP, POP3 and HTTP are that IMAP leaves your messages on the server, POP3 email allows you to download you email and it can be deleted from the server. Both require a mail program to use and are platform independent. SMTP is used to send email. Finally, HTTP allows for a user to send and receive email using a web service. Advantages of using IMAP or that you can receive email on any computer, but it is slower. POP3 is much faster and uses less server space, but it works on one computer.
Mail Component
Send /Rec.
Acct. Access
Message Location
Microsoft Exchange Server
Centralized server to administer mail services in a company
Server of a client-server developed by Microsoft that utilizes their infrastructure products including mail, calendar, contacts, etc.J.miller
Send and Receive mail
Runs on Web Server
Many accnts
Manages all mail
Requires mail gateway to route and convert mail to smtp
See all ports below.
Post office protocol version 3
can be used by local mail clients to retrieve email using a TCP/IP connection.  POP has several versions, with POP3 being most current. J.miller
Retrieve Mail
Platform Independent

Runs on all servers (Mac, Win, Linux etc.)

1 User access account
Message removed from  Server
Non-SSL Port 110

Secure POP3 (SSL-POP) - port 995
Internet Message Access Protocol
is the other most prevalent Internet standard protocol for mail retrieval.J.miller
Retrieve Mail
Platform Indepedent, runs on all servers (Mac, Win, Linux etc.)
Multiple users access 1 account
Stays on Server, access anywhere
Non-SSL  port 143

https IMAP4-SSL port 585

IMAP4 port 993

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or Webmail
not dedicated to email communications, but rather can be utilized as a vehicle for accessing your mailbox.  This may be easily coined under the term web based e-mail.  J.miller
Send and retrieve mail through website
This protocol can be used to compose and retrieve e-mail from your account.
Runs on web server

HTTP - port 80
1 account
stays on server
port 8080
Additional Server Type
Other Mail Servers: EX: Google
Still requires POP3, IMAP and SMTP
Platform independent
1 account
connect your webmail to your desktop mail
Port 8080
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
is used to send email, not retrieve them.
Send Mail :
This is the protocol that delivers your e-mail to the recipient’s server.
Platform Independent, but requires a mail program or web server
MX record used to identify which server to send mail.
Uses MIME extensions for attachments.
NON-SSL Port: 25
Secure SMTP (SSMTP) - port 465

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