Monday, December 17, 2012

Code Literacy and Infographics

Edutopia's article, Code Literacy: A 21st-Century Requirement, makes a great argument as to why teachers should include some type of coding in the school curriculum.

But I can just hear it now, "where do we fit in 1 more thing. " You don't. That is the simple answer, but the long answer is that it is time to think about what we are really teaching and decide what items are important and need to be done in the 21st century.

Teachers are right, we can only teach so much in  a short amount time, not to mention constant classroom distruptions. But when you look beyond these issues and focus in on important standards, ones were students are struggling, ones that will be required in the new work force, then we might think again about including coding as part of our literacy.

Think about it, how many times have you come across HTML embed code and think to yourself, "That is really only for the geeky." When in actuality, it is a skill that is needed as much as the skill for creating strong infographics, like the one shared recently from Make magazine (Which is embeded below using an HTML embed code).  These basic literacy skills are now being required to interpret and understand any digital medium. Information is quadrupling, and understanding how to master this information is a critical skill.

So where do you fit in the Code Literacy, and what about if you have no clue yourself? Well check out Code Academy, a place where teachers and students can go to teach or learn basic code skills. How about starting an after school or lunch Coding Academy group?

Your Smartphone is Spying on You
Courtesy of: Online Colleges

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