Monday, December 3, 2012

How to edit your google site link and manage your journal.

This lesson is specifically for how to edit a link to a collaborative google site page and to then edit and record your journal.

Create a Link on Collaborative Page. 

1. Click the pencil at the top right. This allows us to edit the page.

2. Highlight the word you would like to link:
3. In the new window, select open in a new Window, Select create a new page.
4. In the new window, enter teacher name, Select open in a new window, make sure it is under Home, and create new page. Then Click ok on the next window.

How to edit your Journal Page. 

1. Now click on the newly created link to your page. 
2. In the new page click the pencil to edit the page, like we did above in Step 1. 
3. Add the following information: What you teach, what grade level and content, what school, and what is your goal for this class.  (See example here) 
4. Now go ahead and upload your picture or a picture that represents you. I will show here how to upload a picture from your computer. 
5. Locate the image on your desktop, and upload. 
6. Click once on the image to adjust size, word wrap and/or alignment. 

How to Edit your Journal
1. To edit your journal, create a new link to your journal pages, just like we did above. 
2. Once the link is created to the blank page, save the page. Be sure to put the page under your name, not home! 

3. Now click on the link and begin editing your journal with your learning from the training. 
4. Be sure to save your page when done. 

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