Friday, April 29, 2011

Create an MP3 for Google Site
This came from a request from the cohort on how to add an mp3 file and player to your Google Sites so you can play podcasts or other audio files on your Google Sites page. (Note an alternative to this method is to use Google Blogger to post podcasts in a post.)
To begin with these steps are slightly more advanced then what we have been doing, but use the videos to help you.
  1. Go to your Google Site.
  2. Go to Manage Site and choose attachments on the left side navigation menu.
  3. Select the upload button at the bottom left, and upload your audio file to your site.
  4. Copy the address (Right click windows, control click mac) of the link that says Download for the Audio file you just uploaded
  5. Go to your page where you want to add the audio file and edit the page.
  6. Click on the html in the edit menu for the container where you want to put the mp3 player and audio file link.
  7. Paste in the link from the audio file and delete the junk on the end, until the last part of the URL reads .mp3
  8. Leave that window/ tab open and open a new tab. Go to this page and copy the code on the right hand side under Extra Light Year.
  9. Go back to the page you are editing and paste the code in the page (MAKE SURE you are in html mode)
  10. Cut the url for the mp3 file and paste in the place of MP3_FILE_URL
  11. Save and you are done.

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