Sunday, April 24, 2011

Module I: Introduction

Module I examines the basic skills needed to manage, use, and create information on the web. This includes a variety of skills from using basic computers, to managing bookmarks, to understanding ethics and state of Alaskas policies for students using the Internet.

Below you will find a basic presentation generally reviewing all the elements for  Module 1 as well as a video tour of our Course.
Click here For detailed lessons and videos for each component of Module I.

By the end of Module I, you should be able to solve technology issues independently through searching online for support, or utilizing your personally identified support system. In addition, you should begin to be able to think about how you might do the following:
1. Identify processes and steps for learning new tools and technology.
2. Identify technology persons that share and teach about new tools on a regular basis.
3. Identify online communities that provide discussion boards, webinars or blogs about new technologies emerging, or provide support for ones you currently use.
4. Identify commercials, television programs, webisodes or podcasts that provide regular technology tool evaluations or support.
5. Identify RSS feeds (blog posts) that evaluate technology, or provide regular support for technology.
6. Join Twitter and Facebook and learn to follow groups or key persons that share new and unique tools.

In the comments section below, answer the following questions:
What is your favorite search engine to use?
How do you use your search engine to solve problems?
Share one resource for troubleshooting.

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