Saturday, September 29, 2012

iPad Tricks

Really, knowing some tricks about the iPad is really like knowing some magic tricks, "look mom no hands!"

This first  feature allows you to lock down an app so that a student cannot switch out of the app and they can only touch certain areas of the app:
1. Go to Settings > general> Accessibility> Triple-Click and turn on Triple click
2. Go to Settings > general> Accessibility > Guided Access and turn on
3. Now Go to an App and Triple click the Home Button (the only physical button on the iPad)
4. Circle the area that you want to lock down and press start.

Also for those kids that want to type while holding the iPad (much like texting)
1. Open keyboard
2. Press and hold the picture of the keyboard  (the keyboard button) on the bottom right of the keyboard.
3. A menu pops up allowing you to split the keyboard or undock it.
4. Press again to return to Normal.
Finally Gestures and the White Circle
This one is because it appeared on one of the iPads at Hutch and I needed to remove it.
1. Go to settings > general> accessibility > assisstive Touch
2. Turn Off or On. When turned on a white dot appears on the screen and this can be set to do a variety of tasks, such as changing gestures, changing device features, changing volume, locking, shaking, screenshot, multi-tasking and triple click.

Finally students may think it is very clever to invert the colors of the screen, enlarge text or other such shenanigans. Simply go to Settings, General and select the feature that is causing non-conformity.

Have fun ;)

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