Friday, September 14, 2012

Social Networking

This is probably the biggest area that teachers need to gain skills on, in my opinion. So lets start with what social networking is:
Social networking on the web is typically a website that connects people for a specific reason using a variety of tools or 1 specific tool. For example, we are all aware of Facebook being a social network website. It connects people together to share in common interests using walls, messaging, instant messaging, likes etc. Here is an explanation of social network:
Social Networking by Common Craft

Okay here are the most common social networks used by Teachers:
There are most likely tons more, but these are the most common ones being used today.
NEA has a great article here about Social Networking for teachers. 

Probably the biggest concern I hear from teachers is who has time to post here and there and monitor all of the activity happening. Consider social networking to be the new water cooler. When you hang out in the staff lounge or you are reading the news for what is happening in the world, it is no different then checking in on your social networks. In fact it is great to set up a very streamlined method for checking your network and then making a quick post on your thoughts, opinions or sharing resources. This often results in collaboration and new learning.
The next big question is where to start. Choosing the social network for you is often the hardest part. Often the only way to do this is to test the tools for 1 week and see which is the easiest, most convenient and most fun for you to use and interact with.

Here are a few more resources to learn about social networking:

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