Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spreadhseet and Database Basics

Spreadsheet and Database Tech Tips

What vocabulary is there with spreadsheets? 
Here are a list of vocabulary from Gilford School District, but the most important terms you need to understand are Data, Cells, Columns, Rows, formulas, and functions. 

Why Use Spreadsheets? 
Spreadsheets are used because they are a great way to keep track of all kinds of data, including grades, quiz scores, observations of students, standards students are working on, vocabulary lists students are learning. In addition spreadsheets can be used to review and analyze data using graphs, filters and functions. 

An Example of Spreadsheets being used
Use a google spreadsheet that turns into a form to create a quiz for students on their vocabulary. When all of your students are done with the quiz, you can export their data in the spreadsheet to your grading program! Or you can view a graph of the data to help you see the most commonly missed vocabulary word. 

Where can I learn more about spreadsheets? 

How about databases? 

Wanna practice using spreadsheets? 

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